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Stanley J. Majcher, M.D. F.A.C.P, specializes in the resolution of issues involving workers' compensation and avoids advocacy for either side. He insists on impartiality, fairness, and objectivity in resolving claims for injury. Dr. Majcher encourages phone calls regarding any inquiries from insurance adjustors or attorneys. He evaluates all workers whether referred by applicants' attorneys, insurance carriers, judges or workers.

Dr. Majcher is an AME, QME and IME and files status reports via FAX on the day of the evaluation. The complete reports are submitted within fourteen days unless delays are due to unforeseen factors (e.g. records are not submitted promptly.) All reports are filed within a timely manner, per legal guidelines, except in unusual circumstances beyond his control.

Dr. Majcher discourages referrals by any parties searching for conclusions not supported by medical facts.
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